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Mark Matson makes frequent appearances on Fox Business News and other popular televised media shows.  The people involved in the production of these shows look at Mark Matson as a financial coach who believes in diversification and long-term investment strategy.  They also view him as someone who isn’t shy about telling the world what he believes in outside of his investing strategy.

Matson’s openness is well-received by many media outlets and ill-received by some.  Here you’ll see reviews from each side.

Mark Matson: Is the American Dream Dead?

Mark appears on InvestmentNews TV at the Matson Money Investor Symposium to discuss his thoughts on reclaiming the “American Dream.”

“One thing advisors can do to help investors reclaim the American Dream is to stop speculating and gambling with their money,” Matson states, going on to note why investors have lost faith. “Discipline and building broad, diversified portfolios to build wealth over time are the first steps to recreating the American Dream.”

Media Reviews About Mark Matson’s Book, “Main Street Money”


In his book Main Street Money, Matson tells everyday investors how they can outwit, outsmart, and out-invest Wall Street bullies.  With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, his book is well-reviewed by both the media and main street investors.

I know educating investors is an uphill battle. Only 10% of Americans actually buy a book in a given year. And many of those do not read it. The book sits useless on the bookshelf drawing dust. So, dear reader, if you can muster the focus and discipline to complete this book and take action you will be amongst the truly elite for Main Street investors who have the guts to invest in themselves and their education. As you will see in these pages, it is the greatest single investment you will ever make. After all, you are worth it.

–       Review by International Media

Media Reviews about Mark Matson Himself


Rick Starr, a community columnist for, calls Mark Matson a “Christian” financial advisor and tells people to run for the hills.  Referencing a “favorable” article by Wall Street Journal about Matson, he also says that Matson’s political philosophy “jibes nicely with the Wall Street Journal.”

In the first few minutes in the video above, Matson focuses on a quote from Starr’s article.

“‘No job, no retirement … These measures are like putting bandages on a patient dying of a heart attack,’ said Mark Matson, founder and chief executive of Matson Money, a financial advisor.”

First, Matson says that he is not a financial advisor, rather a financial coach.  Second, he says that Starr doesn’t provide the quote in its entirety.  He also says that quote was part of a question he was asked: “What do Americans need to do to get back on track?”

What Matson really said for the article that quote came from was that Americans don’t have jobs.

“Now, we have 90 million people who can’t find jobs,” Matson says in the video above.  “I believe we need more jobs, not more social security.”

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