About Our Process for Dissecting Mark Matson Reviews

Mark Matson Reviews is dedicated to showing the world who Mark Matson really is.

Currently, there are a lot of reviews based on little fact and false information published on the Internet about Mark Matson and his financial advising company, Matson Money, Inc.  By identifying these reviews and separating the components of them into two categories – factual and false – this website will show the world who Mark Matson really is … with no embellishment.

The process for breaking down Mark Matson reviews includes 3 steps:

  1. Identify relevant reviews published online
  2. Separate components of reviews into two categories – factual and false
  3. Support the factuality or falseness of reviews with evidence

It’s important that this review website isn’t confused as a pro-Matson website.  As you’ll see in many reviews that are dissected, the purpose of the website is to reveal truth – not to help Matson’s reputation in a heavily biased way.  While the organizers of this website are slightly biased in thinking that Matson is a financial advisor that can be trusted, Mark Matson Reviews always puts fact before fabrication.

In addition to identifying published reviews of Mark Matson, this website also identifies a bigger issue – every one’s ability to publish unedited opinions online that are often untrue and unsavory.  Although we’re only contributing to the transparency of one man here, the idea behind breaking down the legitimacy of reviews extends beyond him.

Perhaps, one day, every person will have a website created by a third party that separates fact from mere speculation as it applies to online reviews.  If you come across an online review about Mark Matson or Matson Money, Inc. that you’d like dissected, please contact us today.

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